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Federal, State & Local Government RFPs, Bids & Contracts by Industry
Construction & Renovation
Construction Management
Electrical / Electrician
Roofing, Siding & Gutter
Painting & Paint Supplies
Heating & Air Conditioning (HVAC)
Fencing & Gate
Construction & Building Materials
Plumbing & Sewer
Floor & Carpet
Carpentry, Woodwork & Cabinetry
Lighting & LED
Windows & Doors
Elevators & Escalators
Demolition, Excavation, and Earth Work

Road & Ground Work
Road & Bridge
Concrete & Asphalt
Sewer & Culvert
Drilling & Trenching
Traffic Markings
Traffic Lights
Street Lights

Advertising & Promotions
Graphic Design
Website Design
PR Marketing Communication
Promotional Items
Media Ad
Audio & Video Production
Print & Mail
Newsletter & Print Design
Market Research & Survey
Trade Show Displays
Copywriting & Publishing

Energy and Fuel
Renewable Energy
Energy Audit & Management
Utility and Chemical
UPS & Battery

Telecommunications & Telephone
Fiber Optics
Computer Networks

IT, Information Technology
IT Software Programming
Website Design
Computer Hardware
Database Backup
Computer Network Security
Janitorial, Cleaning
Janitorial & Custodial Services
Janitorial & Custodial Supplies
Waste Removal & Recycling
Building Maintenance
Property Management
Laundry & Dry Cleaning

Landscape Architecture
Tree Trimming
Snow Plow & Snow Removal
Lawn Care & Landscaping

Medical, Healthcare
Medical Staffing
Medical Billing
Medical Equipment
Mental Health
Laboratory Drug Testing
Medical Supplies

Professional Service
Employment Staffing
Insurance & workers compensation
Travel Management
Human Resources & Payroll
Time and Attendance
Quality Control
Social Services
Printing & Binding
Court Reporting
Document Management & Scanning Services
Document Shredding
Debt Collection & Accounts Receivable
Parking & Valet Services
Management & Leadership Consulting
Legal Services
Auctioning & Liquidation
Cultural Resources
Mass Notification
Financial Investment
Accounting & Audit
Lobbying and Public Affairs
Administrative & Secretary
Data Processing

Security & Safety
Security Guard
Background Checks
Security System
Fire Fighting & Rescue
Weapons & Ammunitions
Police Equipment
Disaster Recovery
Biometrics & Fingerprint
Identification Smart Cards
Architecture, Engineering
Land Architect
Design Build
Civil Engineer
Mapping & GIS
Utility Location

Agricultural, Environmental
Water Purification Treatment
Pest Control
Portable Restroom (Porta Poty)

Transportation, Warehouse
Fleet & Bus
Train & Railroad
Boats & Ferry
Aircraft & Aviation
Courier Services
Freight & Trucking
Moving & Relocation
Automatic Vehicle Location
Packing Supplies
Shipping & Warehousing

Textbooks & Publications
School Supplies
Musical Instruments
Athletic & Sporting Goods
Fitness Equipment
Park & Playground
Education & Academic Services
e-Learning Systems

Food Services
Food Supply
Food Equipment

Facility & Equipment
Facilities Leasing
Equipment Rental
Facility Management

Metal Fabrication & Welding
Clothing & Uniforms
Appliances & Electronics
Office Equipment
RFPs, Bids & Contracts in US & Canada

New Government RFPs, Contracts and Bids as of 07/13/2024
IDFederal, State, Local Government Bids, Contracts, RFPAgencyStatePublished
1RFQs Academic Programs for SY24-25_DescriptionState/LocalNJ07/12/2024
2RFQ : On-Call Engineering Services – Bus Shelters & Amenities |State/LocalSC07/12/2024
3Leesylvania State Park Asphalt repairState/LocalVA07/12/2024
4PR2254-254-24 - Single Family Modular HomeState/LocalVA07/12/2024
5Facilities Assessment StudyState/LocalVA07/12/2024
6RFI 2000003985 Facility Renovation Queue and Facility Condition AssessmentState/LocalVA07/12/2024
7158988 Pipe Replacement Rt 40 Pittsylvania CountyState/LocalVA07/12/2024
825-14-3214TP Crump Creek WWTP Mechanical Screen ReplacementState/LocalVA07/12/2024
9DKM-1212 Special Event Floral & Plant DecorState/LocalVA07/12/2024
10South Maple Avenue and Annandale Road Roundabout, 0801-24-MARState/LocalVA07/12/2024

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Duane Wagner, J&J Pump
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