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IDFederal, State, Local Government Contracts, bids, RFPAgencyLocationIssued燨n
1Community Development Block Grant ProgramState/LocalCA04/14/2021
221-042-FL, City Hall 1st Floor Admin Offices Interior Renovation (04/22/21)State/LocalGA04/14/2021
321-041-FL, City Hall Traffic Division Interior Renovations (04/22/21)State/LocalGA04/14/2021
421-043-FL, 2017 Freightliner (04/22/21)State/LocalGA04/14/2021
6Measure E Series 2 Improvements - South Lake Middle School Modernization and ExpansionState/LocalCA04/14/2021
7Bid No. 2020/21-1FA Lease of Relocatable BuildingsState/LocalCA04/14/2021
8Bid No. 2020/21-2FA Purchase of Relocatable & Modular BuildingsState/LocalCA04/14/2021
9CNR Equipment RentalsCA04/14/2021
10Lock Shop Hardware and AccessoriesCA04/14/2021
11Litter and Debris Removal in San Diego CountyCA04/14/2021
12IFB with 3% DVBE Goal: Chiller Maintenance and Repair (San Bernardino County)CA04/14/2021
133D Civil Training ServicesCA04/14/2021
14Commercial Overhead Door Maintenance and Repair Services in Humboldt and Del Norte CountiesCA04/14/2021
15Minor B - Remove, replace, and install new roadside signsCA04/14/2021
16IFB Trash Collection, Hauling and Disposable ServicesCA04/14/2021
17Minor B - Bike Safety ImprovementsCA04/14/2021
18Commercial Overhead Door Maintenance and Repair Services in Lake and Mendocino CountiesCA04/14/2021
19Minor B - Remove and replace 0.25¿ HMA (Type A)CA04/14/2021
20Minor B - Remove and replace HMACA04/14/2021

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