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Kentucky RFPs & Bids, Government Contracts in Kentucky State (KY)

  When Kentucky has the desire to attain the services of a private company to perform some action they will publish a RFP. Find RFP searches and finds government RFP (request for proposal), government bids, and government contracts in the state of Kentucky (KY). Solicitations in Kentucky listed below are published by all levels of governments, including federal bids, Kentucky state contracts and RFPs, as well as local government contracting & bidding opportunities from cities, counties, municipalities, towns, schools, and other regional government authorities in Kentucky (KY). Kentucky RFP can be for almost any good or service you can think of.
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IDFederal, State, Local Government Bids, Contracts, RFPStateIssuing Agency
1Project 2396.0 Student Center Renovation and Expansion BP 2 Building Structure and Elevators Trade Categories: TC02-02A Concrete Foundations TC02-02B Concrete Flatwork TC02-02 Concrete Work Combination TC-02-02A & TC02-02B TC02-04 Structural & Miscellaneous Steel TC02-19A Elevators A, C, D, G, and H TC02-19B Elevators B, E, and F Addendum #1 Addendum #2 Addendum #3 Addendum #4 Addendum #5 UK PlanroomKentucky (KY)State/Local
2Project 2402.5 PAV A Blood Bank/PT/OT/RT/CC/CM TC-051 - Gen Trades TC-053 - Doors & Hardware TC-054 - Drywall & Ceilings TC-055 - Flooring TC-056 - Painting TC-057 - Fire Protection TC-058 - Mechanical & Plumbing TC-059 - Electrical & Integrated Technology Addendum #2 UK PlanroomKentucky (KY)State/Local
3Project 2402.3 Renovate/Expand UK Healthcare Facililties (NICU) Volume 1 TC-100 MRL Elevators Drawing Addendum #2 UK PlanroomKentucky (KY)State/Local
4Tower RestorationKentucky (KY)State/Local
5Surplus Fluid Heat Transfer SystemKentucky (KY)State/Local
6Strength Training EquipmentKentucky (KY)State/Local
7Electrical Supplies & LightingKentucky (KY)State/Local
8Audio Visual Equipment & InstallationKentucky (KY)State/Local
9Road Fill Material and Stream Restoration ProjectKentucky (KY)State/Local
10Demolition ProjectKentucky (KY)State/Local

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Major Kentucky Cities Included in the Search
Find RFP database covers all the major cities in the state of Kentucky (KY). These Kentucky cities include Lexington, Jeffersontown, Louisville, Owensboro, Bowling Green, Covington, Hopkinsville, Frankfort, Henderson, Richmond, Fayette.
Major Kentucky Counties Covered by Find RFP Database
Your online search and daily RFP notification may include government bids and contracts from any or all of the Kentucky counties: Jefferson County, Fayette County, Kenton County, Boone County, Warren County, Hardin County, Daviess County, Campbell County
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