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Government Contract and Bid Finder and Notification System (Bid Contract) is the best tool available to companies interested in the $2 trillion government procurement market. It helps you boost your revenue and profitability in this lucrative market by searching, screening, and notifying you of new government contract and government bid and RFP instantly, so you will never need to worry about missing an opportunity. Want to learn more before you sign up? Take a product tour to find out how Government Contract Finder and Notification System works for you.
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IDFederal, State, Local Government Contracts, bids, RFPAgencyLocationIssued燨n
1Laundry Equipment ServicesState/LocalUT11/15/2017
2Two Identical, Deep Powder/Mountain Snowmobile AcquisitionCO11/15/2017
3qPCR SystemCO11/15/2017
4Material equipment and labor to construct a new bulk storage concrete pad and wallsAR11/15/2017
6providing one Ambulance and associated equipmentNH11/15/2017
7collection of Aerial ImageryWY11/15/2017
8East Jefferson - Water and Sanitary Sewer Replacement - 2017WY11/15/2017
9Potable Water Storage Tank Replacement ProjectWY11/15/2017
10Employment and Training Gamification ProjectWI11/15/2017
11Prime Vendor Convenience Store UW Milwaukee (Full Line Grocery Products)WI11/15/2017
12Annual Requirements Contract For Laundry Equipment Maintenance ServicesNV11/15/2017
13Family Courts Elevator ModernizationNV11/15/2017
14Dry Sonic Drilling Services for TLO at Icy Cape, AlaskaAK11/15/2017
15DPH - Drug Overdose Data AbstractionAK11/15/2017
16NEPA Analysis and Design of the Truckee River Shared Use Path ProjectState/LocalNV11/14/2017
17Tenant ImprovementsState/LocalMS11/14/2017
18Kemper Multipurpose BuildingState/LocalMS11/14/2017
19Enochs Hall RenovationState/LocalMS11/14/2017
20Request for Proposal: Chapman Branch Architect of RecordState/LocalUT11/14/2017

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