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Government Contract and Bid Finder and Notification System (Bid Contract) is the best tool available to companies interested in the $2 trillion government procurement market. It helps you boost your revenue and profitability in this lucrative market by searching, screening, and notifying you of new government contract and government bid and RFP instantly, so you will never need to worry about missing an opportunity. Want to learn more before you sign up? Take a product tour to find out how Government Contract Finder and Notification System works for you.
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IDFederal, State, Local Government Contracts, bids, RFPAgencyLocationIssued燨n
1Educational Diagnostician ServicesNM03/29/2017
2Statewide Community Based Prevention and Promotion Home Visiting ServicesNM03/29/2017
3Ruidoso Downs Veterinary ServicesNM03/29/2017
4West Central Community Correctional Facility Classroom AdditionOH03/29/2017
5Village of New Concord Water Storage Tank Replacement ProjectOH03/29/2017
6Crane Inspection, Maintenance, and Repair Services & Liquid Emulsion Polymer for SoutherlyOH03/29/2017
7Short Circuit and Coordination Study at Pennsylvania Convention CenterPA03/29/2017
8Construction of Denbo Pump Station Odor Control SystemPA03/29/2017
9Additions and Renovations to Hershey High SchoolPA03/29/2017
10Science SuppliesPA03/29/2017
11Fabrication of Exhaust Hoods for Delaware County Community CollegePA03/29/2017
12sale of pickup trucksPA03/29/2017
13Sports Equipment/Supplies and First Aid SuppliesPA03/29/2017
14upgrades to data wiring infrastructurePA03/29/2017
15Replacement of Roof at Plainfield Township Municipal BuildingPA03/29/2017
16Paint Vacant UnitsPA03/29/2017
18HVAC Upgrades at Delaware Valley Regional High School AuditoriumPA03/29/2017
19construction of handicap ramps at intersection cornersPA03/29/2017
20Exterior Building RenovationsPA03/29/2017

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