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IDFederal, State, Local Government Bids, Contracts, RFPAgencyLocationIssued
41IFB Unsheltered Resident Encampment Site Waste Removal and Cleanup Services in Los Angeles and Kern (North Region) CountiesCalifornia 09/17/2021
42IFB Unsheltered Resident Encampment Site Waste Removal and Cleanup in Los Angeles (West Region) and Ventura (West Region) CountiesCalifornia 09/08/2021
43IFB Unsheltered Resident Encampment Site Waste Removal and Cleanup in Los Angeles (West Region) and Ventura (West Region) CountiesCalifornia 07/29/2021
44BUILDING DEMOLITION AND SITE CLEANUP (LIST 12-30)State/LocalMissouri 05/06/2021
45Various Site CleanupsState/LocalMassachusetts 04/27/2021
46Camp Bonneville Military Reservation Site RAU-2C - Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study (RI/FS) and Cleanup Action Plan (CAP) for Remedial Action Unit (RAU-2C) to address site-wide groundwater contaminationState/LocalWashington 04/21/2021
47Choice WMA Building Site Demo CleanupState/LocalMinnesota 03/31/2021
48Replacement Water Treatment Plant Site CleanupState/LocalOregon 03/09/2021
50Environmental Cleanup for Three Kids Mine Project SiteState/LocalNevada 02/26/2021
51Building Demolition and Site CleanupState/LocalMissouri 02/19/2021
52Landscaping and Site Cleanup Services for St. Thomas Properties - IFB 008-2016-STTState/LocalFederal01/06/2021
53Landscaping and Site Cleanup Services for St. Croix Properties - IFB 007-2016-STXState/LocalFederal01/06/2021
54Old School Site Cleanup ProjectOregon 11/17/2020
55Code Enforcement, Site Cleanup, Hauling and Disposal ServicesState/LocalMichigan 09/05/2020
56Newtok Site Cleanup Assessment ProjectState/LocalAlaska 04/03/2020
57Newtok Site Cleanup Assessment ProjectState/LocalAlaska 03/24/2020
58Newtok Site Cleanup Assessment ProjectState/LocalAlaska 03/05/2020
59Environmental Cleanup for Black Mountain Industrial (BMI) Site CleanupState/LocalNevada 02/11/2020
60Petroleum Contamination Site Cleanup Management ServicesState/LocalFlorida 01/07/2020
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