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IDFederal, State, Local Government Bids, Contracts, RFPAgencyLocationIssued
41Develop and implement an open architecture and data repository that permits ingestion, access, interoperability, and exploitation of space data enterprise-wide.FederalMaryland 09/05/2019
43Supply of Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) data-mining and visual analysis softwareState/LocalFederal08/19/2019
44RFP 7665 0 2019/KJO Open Data Web Based PlatformState/LocalVirginia 06/29/2019
45Open Data Platform ServiceState/LocalWashington 05/31/2019
46Open Portal Data SolutionsTexas 05/29/2019
47Shelter Service System & Open Data Portal SolutionTexas 05/24/2019
48OpenLab Scientific Data Management System Maintenance (or Equal)FederalMaryland 05/17/2019
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