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Government Contract and Bid Finder and Notification System (Bid Contract) is the best tool available to companies interested in the $2 trillion government procurement market. It helps you boost your revenue and profitability in this lucrative market by searching, screening, and notifying you of new government contract and government bid and RFP instantly, so you will never need to worry about missing an opportunity. Want to learn more before you sign up? Take a product tour to find out how Government Contract Finder and Notification System works for you.
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IDFederal, State, Local Government Contracts, bids, RFPAgencyLocationIssued燨n
1Statewide Mailing Services for Jefferson City AreaMO08/12/2020
2Janitorial Services - St. LouisMO08/12/2020
3Data Sources and Legal Research Statewide QVLMO08/12/2020
4Inflatable BoatMO08/12/2020
5Trash Collection and Disposal ServicesMO08/12/2020
6Construct New Fitness Ctr/Storm Shelter, Camp Clark Training Site, Nevada, MOMO08/12/2020
7Dolores River SWA - Asbestos Abatement and Demolition CO08/12/2020
8Bulk Liquid Oxygen Tank CO08/12/2020
93rd Avenue Waterline Replacement, 4th Street to 5th StreetAZ08/12/2020
10Sandario Road: Ajo Highway to Emigh RoadAZ08/12/2020
11Sheriff’s Department Uniforms & Accessories AZ08/12/2020
12Preferred Suppliers for PPEHI08/12/2020
13F/D/I of Diesel and Unleaded Fuel Tank and Dispensing PumpsHI08/12/2020
14General Structural Services, StatewideHI08/12/2020
15SCBGP FY19 - Import Replacement: Increasing Production of Hawaii Specialty CropsHI08/12/2020
16JOB ORDER CONTRACTING CONSTRUCTION WORK for Electrical Projects on the Island of OahuHI08/12/2020
17JOB ORDER CONTRACTING CONSTRUCTION WORK for Plumbing Projects on the Island of OahuHI08/12/2020
19Vehicle & Equipment Parts Management and Supply OH08/12/2020
20Overhead Garage Door ReplacementWI08/12/2020

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