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Top Industries & States Solicited Within Government Procurement

Being a pioneer in the bid finder industry our team is able to see trends that occur within government bidding, with two of those trends being the frequency of contracts in each industry and the frequency in which locations these contracts are being solicited. This doesn’t go to say that there aren’t a high number of contracts being solicited within many different states and within many other industries, because there are, but these are the top industries within the top locations to find projects to bid on.

To start off, we must first distinguish between local and federal contracts, because each offers its own unique industries that we see solicited very frequently. Federal contracts are going to offer opportunities for much larger businesses, which are able to perform large projects and offer large amounts of products to be procured, as well as very specialized products and services within the medical and lab services industry. With federal contracts, our defense budget is heavily weighed upon to be the number one industry that is solicited, with construction being a very close second to aircraft, ship and weapons contracts (defense contracts). Within defense contracts (please read: Military RFPs to find out more), the highest frequency of solicited contracts seems to lie within aircraft, with marine and weapons solicitations following. As with many locations and industries, construction is going to be a top player, which is also true when looking at the frequency of construction contracts within federal solicitations.

Now that we had a brief look at which industries are being solicited by our federal government, we can get slightly more specific in which contracts we see that have a high solicitation rate within local (contracts that are not solicited federally) contracts, which are solicited by municipalities and institutions of all sizes. Contracts that are local to your business and are within the coverage area of your services offer a wide variety of projects from small to large for all different sizes of businesses. As stated, construction contracts have a very high frequency rate of being solicited and are our number one solicitation within local RFPs. Many of the solicitations that follow construction contracts are involved within the construction process and can closely relate to some of the tasks that may have to be performed when implementing a new project.

Most frequently solicited contracts by industry:

  1. Construction

  2. Information Technology /Telecommunications

  3. Architectural/Engineering

  4. Janitorial/Custodial

  5. Security/Safety

Most frequently solicited states:

  1. California

  2. Texas

  3. Florida

  4. New York

  5. Massachusetts

These lists are very general and are only meant to reflect the trends that we see coming through our finder service (FindRFP). However, our service has been established for many years and is the pioneer within government contracting throughout the entire nation and Canada, so we are able to see 99% of RFPs that hit the market on a daily basis, and the states in which the RFPs are being solicited.

If your business is within one of top five listed industries, or within one of the top five states, there is a very good chance that your business is missing out on opportunities not known, because there are so many solicited on a daily basis. Also, if your business is not within any of the top 5 industries we see, and does not operate within the top 5 states solicited, there are still many opportunities your business could be missing. Even though the top 5 industries and states are going to offer the most contracts to be proposed upon, industries such as carpentry, plumbing, sewage, medical, energy, and so many more still have a very high number of solicitations on a daily basis.

If your business is ready to start bidding and can perform projects solicited by the federal government, or is looking for smaller projects on a local scale FindRFP is a service that can be of great value to any business. With so many contracts solicited on a daily basis, your business is going to have to commit to many hours of searching in order to find the right contract that fits the products your business offers and the services it is capable of performing.

Start with FindRFP today and cut out the search time from your daily schedule for an unbeatable price!

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